Are you experiencing pain? Not when you’re shaving. You got that sorted right? Lather up with Otoko, sharp blade. Away you go. No, I mean chronic pain. Like back pain.

Back Pain

Back pain is super common. Most Australian’s will experience back pain at some stage. I get back pain. I’ve got me one of those fancy standing desks but I still spend too much time sitting. And I get back pain. The good news is, I can manage it with exercise and by alternating my sitting/standing work routine. But some people can’t moderate their pain in this way. They might have had an accident (like my neighbour who got re-ended in his ute) or they might have other injuries or causes. These people have constant pain. And they want solutions.The good news is there is a Gold Coast pain clinic that specialises in treating this kind of pain. They have a proven, science-based approach that incorporates a team of pain specialists. It’s an holistic approach, bringing together doctors, pharmacists, physios, psychiatrists and other allied health professionals.
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I like their approach. I see people like my neighbour who are in pain and it’s easy to very quickly exhaust your options. You get some physio and you get some drugs and that’s about it. There’s no-one bringing together all the resources and knowledge around pain to give you the best care you can get. This is what The Persisten Pain Centre does though. They have a specialist pain program to help people experiencing chronic pain.

Pain Therapy Covered By Private

I sometimes wonder why I have private health insurance. It seems like every time I get something done I’m out of pocket by thousands of dollars. It’s interesting to note therefore that the Persisten Pain Program is 100% covered by private health insurance. My advise therefore, if you have pain and you have insurance, give them a call.