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Tips To Improve Sleep Quality For A Relaxing Night

Keep The Bedroom Comfortable And Relaxing

TVs are not the only possible distractions in the bedroom. There are other things such as the room’s Ambience, phones, and others. Dr. Carlson said, “An ideal bedroom environment should be quiet, dark, and cool.”

“These are the 3 factors that promote sleep quality.” You should make sure that your mattress is comfortable and supportive, take a look at these Titan mattres reviews.

Your Bed Should Only Be For Sleep And Sex

Never use your bed as an office or a place where you respond to calls and emails. You should also avoid watching late-night TV Shows. Dr. Carlson said, “the bed needs to only be for sleep and sex, and not any other regular activity.” The main goal is to train the body and mind.

Avoid Eating Too Much Before Heading To Bed

Having a grumbling stomach or over full stomach are all distractions that should not be taken to bed. For this reason, it is wise always to avoid eating big meals immediately before going to bed. Experts recommend, eating heavy meals at least 3 hours before going to bed. Therefore, if you are hungry and wish to sleep, consider eating a small healthy snack.


Did you know that a tired body and mind is a good recipe for a night of good quality sleep? In a nutshell, exercises or physical work helps improve the quality of sleep one gets. For this reason alone, if you wish to have good sleep quality, consider doing daily exercises such as walking, running, and other forms of physical exercise. Exercises boost the effect of natural sleep hormones like melatonin; said Dr. Carlson.

According to research found in the Journal Sleep proved that postmenopausal women who exercise for 3 hours a week have an easier time falling asleep compared to those who do not.


Create A Sleep Ritual

Sleep rituals are the things you do before going to bed. For example, when a mother reads a story to a child every night while they are in bed is a ritual that plays a role in improving the sleep quality of a child. To a grownup, this ritual may include taking a shower before bed, reading a book, or listening to calm music or nature sounds. As Dr. Carlson explained, “Rituals help signal the body and the min that it is time for sleep”.

Avoid Stress

There is no-doubt daily activities are stressful, especially when we are working towards our goals. You may also have bills piling up and other factors that are all stressful. However, stress is not good for sleep. According to Dr. Carlson, “stress is a stimulant.” “It activates our natural instinct of Flight or Fight hormone, which works against sleep.” ”It is important to learn relaxation techniques that will help promote your sleep.” Deep breathing is a great exercise that re

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