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specialist cleans and repairs the wall air conditioner

Air Conditioning Cleaning

I know this is a bit off topic but we recently had to replace our air conditioners. If we are being honest we originally thought we would just get them cleaned, it turns out that because we had left them for so long between cleans it was going to be better for us to replace them. We work out of a small factory/warehouse that is full of dust and close to the beach. This means that the air conditioners were rusty and filthy. So we bit the bullet and decided to go for a new system that we will be better about looking after!

Air Condtioning cleaning

Then we discovered it is a minefield out there!

We spent a stupid amount of time trying to figure out what we really needed, how many kilowatts would best serve us, how big the unit should be, where to place it, could we install ourselves (yes we could), should we install it ourselves (no we shouldn’t! That would always end badly) and how much should we spend. So many questions!

In the end we got the professionals in! Glenn from South East Electrical answered all our questions and made some practical and money saving recommendations. We have used these guys quite a bit over the years so we trust them when they tell us what will work best for our not so conventional space.

Our challenge now is to keep the the air conditioning units clean.

As luck would have it South East Electrical also offer a cleaning service and we have just booked them in for regular cleans! Glenn tells me that that a regular air conditioning clean 

  • Prevents the spread of germs – did someone say COVID??
  • Keeps the unit running efficiently – helping you save money in the long run
  • Stops the build up of bacteria and fungi which can cause or exacerbate asthma
  • Gives the air conditioner a longer life span

So we listened and now have a cool office space! Everyone is happy and JJ Industries will save a little more money on the electricity bill each year. 

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