Gold Coast Electrician Recommendation

Something we’ve touched on before is compliance. Not the sort where you’re a compliant fellow who does what he’s told. The sort where you a compliant with government regulations. That’s the hard sort of compliance. It’s a minefield where you need expert advice.

I’m sure we mentioned it when talking about JJ Industries, our parent company. They specialise in environmental compliance.

It’s a specialist area and expertise in one area doesn’t make you an expert in another. That’s why they called in South East Electrical when the wanted a Gold Coast electrician. They have considerable expertise in compliance in a number of important areas. 

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarm regulation is changing. Here in Queensland the government has followed expert advice and made photovoltaic interconnected alarms mandatory. There’s a whole like is different phase in timelines and requirements so we relied on SE Electrical to guide us through.

Testing And Tagging

Does anyone actually understand their testing and tagging responsibilities? We got some info from the govt website but weren’t really all that wiser. The guys at SE Electrical to the rescue!

Electrical Safety

We’ve got a shared electrical switchboard and it’s a mess. Over the years every man and his dog has had a go at it. When we wanted work done we needed to make sure all that stuff was compliant for us moving ahead. 

Give Them A Go

If you’re in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast and you need a decent sparky, try South East Electrical. 

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