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When Blokes Need A Psychologist

Here at the Otoko we’re always interested in Men’s Health. And whenever you’re talking about mens health, we have to address men’s mental health as well as their physical health. That’s why today we want to talk about counselling & psychology.

Men don’t often talk about their feelings with each other. And men we can understand that. Who wants to talk about their feelings when there are better things to talk about. What about football. Boxing. Cricket. Racing. Maybe beer. You get the idea.

That’s why it can be a good idea for us to get professional help when we need it. If we’re not going to talk to our mate’s about what’s going on in our lives then perhaps we should talk to a qualified counsellor.


Addiction is a big one for men. Many of our social behaviours revolve around alcohol consumption. When the good times are so intrinsically linked with drinking it can sometimes mean that drinking becomes more than just a bad habit. In situation’s like that it is important to get good professional help. You want a trained professional, a psychologist, to help you with these issues.

Anger Management

Anger management is another one and one that I am familiar with. Having broken my hand in a bout of anger I realised that a moments anger can have very long consequences. I feel like I address my behaviour because I became aware of it when I broke my hand. But for many of us and anger can be a cycle that we get pulled into. If you feel like you are unable to manage your anger then you should get professional help.


Anxiety is never a blokey thing for us to talk about. But even the most confident can be experiencing social anxiety and other types of anxiety that they’re not talking about. It can be hard to tell your family your friends and your mates about this because they might not have any relevant experience to help them understand what you are going through. An experienced psychologist will have the tools to help you deal with your problems. They will have dealt with many patients with similar problems.


Depression creeps up on people when they least expect it. I’ve seen people full of life and vitality knocked down by circumstance and gradually fall into depression. Depression can often be linked to other factors, physical factors, such as a injury or disability. Or can be linked to lack of sleep. It can be linked to addiction. There are many things that contribute to depression and for each individual there probably are many factors pushing them towards depression. Factors that they aren’t fully aware of. If you think you are depressed or are sliding towards depression then you need to talk to a professional. Only a properly trained psychologist will understand the factors that lead to your depression and the tools to help lead you away from it

Relationship advice

He is one area of our lives where our mates are always prepared to give lots of advice. It usually involves some variation of you’re better than her, you’re better off without her, you should just move on, there are many fish in the sea. It’s this kind of unhelpful advice you want to avoid. Seek professional help.

Gold Coast Psychologist

These are just some of the many areas we’re men might need help in their lives. As I have repeated above many times, when you need help in these areas you need professional help. I am recommending local Gold Coast psychologist LB Psychologist. If you don’t live on the Gold Coast please check for your local professional and seek their help. Go to your doctor and get a referral.

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