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What do you know about termites?

What do you know about termites? Probably not as much as you should. This little beastie has the capacity to eat away parts of your home and cause you incredible bills to repair damages. And yet you probably don’t understand how these little guys work and what they do.

You might know that they like damp areas. And you might know that you have to clean up your backyard and keep rubbish away from your home. But do you really know what motivates a termite.

Well the good news is you don’t have to know. While your home might be worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, you can rely on good termite inspections to keep your home safe.


If you live on the Gold Coast then you probably already know that we have a problem with termites. There is hardly a property on the Gold Coast that doesn’t have termite activity very near to it. My own home has a park next door full of native trees. It doesn’t take much to turn over an old stump or rotted branch and see a bunch of termites in there. And that’s why we get regular termite inspections. And we found a guy we can recommend who has tons of experience and seems to understand termites better than anyone I’ve ever met. And when it comes to termites the best thing you can do is to uncover their activity early. For that we recommend the Gold Coast Pest Inspector for top class and reliable pest inspections.

I look upon termites as being a bit like a skin cancer. If you let those things get in there they can take over and before you know at your house is riddled with the thing. But if you get it early it’s not that big a deal. I’ve had a skin cancer cut out of my face and I’ve had termites uncovered and removed from my home. The main thing is to get checked regularly and to take the appropriate preventative action early.

What I don’t want around my home is a bunch of chemicals. If I have to douse my home in dangerous chemicals just to keep my home safe and termites then I think that’s a failure. Just as a Otoko is a brand that promotes clean and chemical free shaving alternatives, so too do I as a person want to keep my lifestyle and my home clean as possible. That’s where the Gold Coast Pest Inspector is so good. By understanding how termites work and by having a sensible approach to pest control he is able to keep my home safe without using a bunch of chemicals around my home.

If you want to keep your home safe from termites and other pests call Richard Eedy from the Gold Coast Pest Inspector and arrange a pest inspection. And then make sure you get another inspection next year.

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